Cleaning Up After Your Kids

Parents really get displeased of their child’s clutters and untidiness. Kids really tend to set up various muddles. Mothers and fathers don’t have to worry because whatever mess their child makes, there are solutions for it listed below.

Stickers and Glitters

If you have little ladies then be prepared for a lot of stickers and glitters. You will find stickers even in the most unexpected places of your home. They just adore sticking it everywhere while parents on the other hand, always have a difficult time removing those. Rubbing baby oil on the sticker allows the sticky residue to be easily scraped off.

We all know that girls love sprinkling glitter and pretending its fairy dust. A lint roller will easily remove glitter from your furniture and other surfaces filled with this shiny and magical stuff.

Finger Smudges and Crayon on Walls

If you have a creative little one, then this is likely bound to happen to your walls. A child will always have that urge to draw on any flat surface that is available. The secret is to get a blow dry and heat the “artwork”. This warms up the crayon’s wax and it can be easily wiped off with a tissue or dry cloth. You have to be careful because too much heat may damage the paint of your walls.

Aside from crayon smudges, a child’s greasy hand can also be a problem when it touches your walls. The best product to remove that is one that has Clorox. However for wallpapers, it is best to use soap and water so that it won’t be damaged.

Mud and Pee Stains

Mud can be tricky because you need to clean it in a way that it won’t spread around. It can be difficult to prevent children from keeping their muddy feet off the carpet. For this, you need to make a solution of 10 parts of water and 1 part vinegar. Just spray it on the stain and scrub it until it disappears.

Pee stains can mostly be found on bed sheets and mattresses. The remedy for this type is taking the soiled sheets out and laundry them. However, tougher ones may require heavy duty cleaning supplies

Couch Stains

This actually depends on the upholstery of your couch. If you happen to have to possess a microfiber couch in your home, then removing stubborn stains can be a little difficult for you. It is really not a kid-friendly type of fabric. It easily shows stains such as kids vomit or juice spills.

To restore a soiled couch, a few household items such as a bristle brush and rubbing alcohol may do the trick. This will still depend on the kind of stain that you need to remove. There are more effective cleaning supplies that you can use for stubborn kinds.

There’s a way to restore this cozy spot to its former glory by using just a few household items, including rubbing alcohol and a hard bristle brush. Now you won’t feel like hiding under a sofa cushion the next time you have company!

Sanitizing Toys

You may need to sanitize your kid’s toys especially if they bring it outside or they let other children play with it. You can also put some toys inside the dishwasher to reduce your cleaning time.

Play-Doh Stuck in Carpet

Removing a Play-Doh is pretty much the same as removing wall “masterpieces”. You need to chip it away with a knife first and heat up the residue with a hair dryer. The heat will loosen up the chunk that is stuck and you can peel it out with your knife.

Another way of removing it being embedded in your carpet is with the use of a vacuum cleaner. However, this works best when the Play-Doh has dried up a bit.